Colón is celebrating as for next Saturday, April 13, the second phase of the Paseo Marino de Colón will be inaugurated

Public spaces are the key to transforming communities and an important asset for cities because they provide many opportunities for people to join and get involved as a community.

Next Saturday, April 13 President Varela will be inaugurating the second phase of the Paseo Marino de Colón project and the president has called it as “a public space for the recreation of families and a great attraction for tourists”.

The project includes a landfill of 5.5 hectares on the northeast of the Manzanillo island and it has playgrounds for children, pedestrian sidewalks, multiple sport courts, soccer fields, and athletic tracks.

The first phase of the project was inaugurated in December 2017 by President Varela and it is an area of 7 hectares intended for recreation, culture, tourism and sports activity with two basketball courts and one soccer field.

The two phases of the project are part of the Colon Renovation project developed by the Government, which includes the restoration of the Old Town of the Atlantic City.

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