Tourism Promotion of Panama in Boston, New York, and Washington DC

The Tourism Authority of Panama, together with the International Tourism Promotion Fund of Panama, COPA Airlines, and the Consulate General of Panama in New York, held from May 13 to 17 of 2019, the Panama Tourism Roadshow, a series of events dedicated to the tourist promotion of Panama in Boston, Washington DC, and New York.

The purpose of each of these events was to invite local tourism companies from each of these cities, give them a presentation by experts in tourism in Panama, COPA Airlines staff, and the Vice Consul of Panama in New York of the characteristics and unique experiences that make Panama an ideal tourist destination, and connect them with the 20 Panamanian tourism companies that joined us during the roadshow.

We received an excellent attendance by local tourism companies that felt very motivated and excited to know more about Panama during the events. Many attendees have not visited Panama yet, therefore we consider it was an excellent opportunity to promote the destination.

The Consulate General of Panama in New York is very satisfied with the results of this roadshow, aimed to strengthen the efforts of tourism promotion in the United States.